What's your preferred setup for recording Mapillary on two wheels?

I’m curious to know how you prefer to record Mapillary while on two wheels. Currently, I mount an action camera on my helmet using a chin mount. During my dirt bike rides, I capture several hours of footage at an acceptable resolution.

Previously, I used a remote control on my gear lever for taking photos, but it was inconvenient and risky on narrow trails.

Afterward, I review the footage, capture consecutive screenshots with VLC software, and use a script to set the photo time based on the filename. For geotagging, I rely on HoudahGeo3 software and reference the trip GPX file.

Processing takes about an hour, and my Mapillary uploads become available in iD after a few days. However, I find my current setup complex and would appreciate any suggestions to streamline and improve the process’s efficiency.

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