Wheelchair accessible parking spaces

Hi, with our On Wheels app we have collected a huge dataset of around 18 000 wheelchair accessible parking spaces in Belgium. We are struggling to find the correct way of importing this data in OSM and make it visible in the app. Our dataset is node based and OSM uses nodes and ways for parking spaces. For wheelchair accessible spaces this is hard to implement ways into an app. I see the advantages of using ways to draw the parking spaces, but when we add new parking spaces with our app this will be as a node. The same applies for the info we collect about buildings. Here the buildings are drawn as a way, but the information about the function of the building (restaurant, shop, …) is in a separate node. We are wondering if this concept also can be used for wheelchair parking spaces?

So this would mean parking spaces are drawn as a way (amenity=parking_space), but also a node (parking_space=disabled) is added on each parking space with all the accessibility information:

  • width
  • length
  • parking:surface
  • fee

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