When is 'physical separation' physical to warrant split way mapping?

Here’s a picture of how a motorway exit junction looked some 2 years ago. Accidents and congestion galore.

This is how it looks today with a wide area demarcation, proximately 2.5m wide. between east-west and west-east (the former turn lanes width)

Outside view roundabouts left and right where drivers have to loop around to come off motorway wanting to go west and coming from east wanting to get onto the motorway

The question as per the topic title, when do we mapping wise make it clear, now turn restriction rules set, that for all intends and purposed the 2 directions are separated but for absence of a nice jersey barrier or guard rail to make it ‘physical’. Possible they were not placed so emergency services can get to the motorway unobstructed by taking a shortcut.

The centre junction access=no tagged on/off are blocked by fixed bollard, expressing it’s permanency as well.

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