When mapping a cycleway separately, should the oneway=* attribute on the main way reflect the global "main way + cycleway situation", or should it be strictly about the main way situation, without regard to the situation on the separate cycleway?


Small debate I’m having with another contributor for which we couldn’t find a previous consensus, so we’re asking for the community point of view on this.

Let’s say you have a street mapped with two way, a main one, and on its left side a separately mapped cycleway:

  • the main one (for example highway=residential) has all vehicle traffic going oneway (so tagged oneway=yes). To reflect the separately mapped cycleway, a tag cycleway:left=separate is added
  • on the cycleway (highway=cycleway) that is on the left side, one can cycle at least in the direction opposite to the one of the main way (so either oneway=no or oneway=yes but with an opposite direction vs the main way)

Question: should the main way be tagged oneway:bicycle=no?

Arguments pro:

  • data consumers that are interested in less level of detail know still the cycleway situation without doing a spatial fuzzy search for nearby highway=cycleway (otherwise there would be no reason for separate, we could just put cycleway=no)

Arguments against:

  • having a separate cycleway with a flow going in the opposite direction doesn’t make the main/larger/central/cars way two-ways for bicycles (agree that there should be a way to summarise detailed street mapping into a single big way, but don’t think this should be done this way)

This can lead to a broader debate: should access restrictions refer to always streets as a whole or to individual OSM ways?

Thanks for your inputs on this!

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