Where to check a ref:nid?

Hi Polska community,

I have some problems understanding where to check if a ref:nid value is valid. I’m aware of https://nid.pl/ and https://zabytek.pl/, but I can’t find where to search for specific values.

An example, Jaroslaw ratusz has ref:nid=A-211, it’s present on zabytek.pl (here) but A-211 isn’t mentioned anywhere in the page (to be precise it’s inside the karta biała, but can be used only to confirm what you already found since is not searchable [also not all pages have attached documentation], they use the INSPIRE id instead), searching for “A-211” site:https://zabytek.pl/" on Google doesn’t give any result as well. “A-211” site:https://nid.pl/" gives 9 results but you have to dodge “Nie znaleziono żadnych wyników” expired pages and monuments with the same code (wikidata lists at least 13 ref=A-211 in 11 different cities) ecc. but is still doable somehow.

But there are cases, like this city_wall (ref:nid=629125) that I can’t find it anywhere, I see that https://nid.pl/zasoby/rejestr-zabytkow-zasoby/ lists PDF files for the different voivodeships, in the podkarpackie file the ratusz is present while the city wall isn’t, I could remove it but I want to be sure I’m not missing something. Tips?

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