Which are the initial categories we want to enable? Which communities would they support?

Since the original goal for this tool to be deployed is to modernize certain existing OSM tools, we believe that at least we need to kick-start with 3 top-level categories:

  • Help and support: To be used for gradually migrate OSM Help site.
  • Communities: To host country-level categories and allow their migration from the old OSM forums.
  • Site feedback: This category to discuss and talk in an open and transparent way about OSM Community discourse, it’s governance, issues and improvements.

Additionally we would like this instance to be used for other functional OSM groups, including working groups and event-related groups, such as global and local SoTM or Humanitarian Open Mapping discussions for example.

Request for new categories will be organized from this very same category and we will prioritize existing active community groups that want to migrate from old OSM tools. Note that we don’t have the capability to import content/users from other tools and we suggest old tools to archive their old content as an static HTML site and start fresh over here.

Are there other categories you consider should be prioritized for this initial phase? Why?

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