Which governance/accountability model do we want for this tool? Who and how should decisions being made?

The current proposal is to form a small team to own decision making and day-to-day operations of the tool.

Initially this group is formed by a few individuals who have been involved in the initial setup and implementation of the project and expressed their commitment to support during this first phase.

  • Tobias Knerr (OSMF Board)
  • Grant Slater (OSM Ops team)
  • Rubén Martín (HOT Community Team)

* We understand the current people composition is not ideal and not the most diverse, and we want enable a space for it to grow and truly represent the groups who will be using this tool

This group will support an open a conversation with OSM communities to define how more diverse people can be part of this team and the requirements in terms of representation, commitment, accountability and leadership rotation.

Please use this topic to discuss about it and share your thoughts in how this team should operate.

  • How the governance team should represent the people, communities and groups using the tool?
  • How changes should be discussed, iterated and decisions communicated?
  • How we ensure the accountability of this team?
  • How we make sure there is a healthy leadership rotation?

We will be using this very same discourse instance to talk about how the work evolves and how decisions are being made.


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