Which OSM App Allows 1) Planning on PC, then 2) Navigating by Android Mobile

Hello, I search an Android app for OSM navigation with a user account that I can use

  • on the mobile phone and

  • on the desktop PC for planning

as you could do with Google Maps.

I tried hard to understand Osmand+ but didn’t. To my confused understanding, Osmand+ does not allow syncing between PC and mobile phone, but I may be wrong. I also use Maps.me and Organic Maps, which also do not seem to allow syncing between PC and mobile. I generally prefer Osmand, but would use another one if PC planning was allowed.

Important for me:

  • setting favorite locations (not routes) on the PC in the browser (so much easier than on the mobile)

  • syncing between PC and various Android devices

  • altitude contour lines

  • anything for bicyclists and hikers

  • offline use in the country (of course)

Nice, but not essential:

  • satellite photos in same app as OSM, ideally offline

  • planning routes (as opposed to favorite places)

  • loading GPX tracks

I don’t need:

  • track recording

  • OSM editing

  • taking pics out of the OSM app

Sorry for all possible silliness and thanks for your real-life experience!

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