Which `tracktype` value should be applied when the surface is `concrete:lanes`?

According to the surface wiki, concrete:lanes is typically categorized as a paved surface. If no tracktype value is specified (except for grade1 ), the iD editor treats these lanes the same as regular concrete and asphalt roads.

Yet, in many instances, these concrete lanes in my area are primarily located within farmland and mountainous regions, serving as routes accessible only to high-clearance pickup trucks. Often, they exhibit a smoothness rating of very_bad or even horrible, with a particularly rough middle section. Straying off these lanes can easily result in a truck getting stuck.

I’m having trouble selecting the appropriate tracktype value from the wiki because the majority of the road surface in this area is soft ground, while the narrow concrete lanes themselves have a hard surface.

Which tracktype value is the most suitable for these concrete lane tracks?

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