Why do my changes made in the umap table editor not get displayed on the map after saving?

Hello, I am posting first time here, so please, tell me if I am inadvertantly violating any rules!
I want to create a map. Into one of my layers I am importing a KML file created in Google Earth. This file contains a polygon and several polylines. The colours have all been set using Google Earth. After import all colors change to the default color, not sure why. I then want to edit the properties of all objects in the layer using the table editor. In the table editor I replace the color values with what I need and save. However after savon nothing changes on the map. Lines and polygons are all still there. But the colors remain unchanged. When However I use the editor for the layer, in other words, NOT the table editor, then I can change colors and they get displayed. What am I missing or what am I doing wrong? Any help is much appreciated.

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