Why editing OpenStreetMap is recently so laggy?

This started a few days ago. I was doing some editions in OpenStreetMap (using the iD online editor), all was okay, but after some time the rendering turned laggy, in the most of the time the rendering of objects is slow (only sometimes its normal, but this lasts for a moment, then it turns slow again), and this difficult a lot editing the map (note: THIS IS NOT because load a lot of elements, even in areas with few things, the render is VERY SLOW). This happens when I edit (move/add/delete) nodes of the objects (areas or ways, or only points) I have noticed this problems also in OpenGeofiction (based in the same system as OSM).
I don’t know if this problem it’s mine or there are other people who have the same problem (although it seems not, no one has reported this problem, as far as I know).

Please help me, I can’t edit normally with this problem.

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