Why is emergency_access_point tag not visible at zoom 19?

The tag: emergency_access_point does not seem to be visible on OSM for general (not logged-in/editing) users, even at the highest zoom level - 19. How can I get it to show?

The use of these tags is explained here:

I am in the USA. They are positioned at points on back country trails so that Fire and Rescue can know for sure where someone is located. The use on OSM is to plot the emergency_access_point on the map so that the ‘hiker’ (or someone in their party) can make their way to it to coordinate rescue.

In our use they are in sparsely used areas so there is not much map clutter - mostly just the trail and water bodies, but the intent was that they would only be visible at higher zoom levels.

How can I get these to show?
Or, how can I move a request forward to allow the designated tag to show to the general public who are using the trail maps without being logged in?


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