Why is uploading GPS traces "considered harmful"?

Why does JOSM warn me that uploading my GPS traces to OSM is “considered harmful”?

I found a road that isn’t on OSM, so I turned-on my phone’s tracer and walked the length of the road, recording nodes every 5 seconds. At the end of the road, I saved the trace to a GPX file.

I transferred the GPX file to my computer, opened it in JOSM, right-clicked on it, and left-clicked on the “Convert to data layer” button. I then got a popup that said

Upload of unprocessed GPS data as map
data is considered harmful. If you
want to upload traces, look here:

Unfortunately, the link didn’t have any additional information on why this is harmful.

Why is it harmful for me to add my GPX data to OSM? What am I supposed to do to add a new road?

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