Why won't my map show in the main window?

I’m trying to create some vector tiles on my own

and to publish them according to the idea pf protomaps

I tried with this example, and it worked

This is the map I produced (it’s a bit rough because the style is improvised but the stack did work)

THEN I tried to show the exact same map (the same PMTiles file) BUT locally, without resorting to on line libraries and stylesheet

And what happens is that my project doesn’t work :pensive:

What is frustrating is that in the Firefox dev tools I hover on the div and a preview of my map DOES SHOW UP !!

As shown here !

But in the main Firefox window, there’s nothing :disappointed:

My project is here

I’d be really grateful if some kind sould would troubleshoot this for me :pleading_face:

Thanks in advance

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