Wiki page for Key:industrial has been completely rewritten. Was this discussed or voted on?

This page was completely rewritten by user Hiausirg in September. It defines over 100 values, most of which have <100 uses, and many <10. I find many values excessively specific and of questionable use. They also moved industrial=oil (40% of industrial=* uses) to the scary-looking PossibleSynonym template list, implying it shouldn’t be used. industrial=factory, which accounts for another 6%, was also listed as deprecated, which I’ve just reverted. I remember this has been discussed before and was deemed controversial.

Inventing new tags is one thing, but essentially redefining an entire key used a quarter million times is a whole different thing. I think all of these changes should be undone and require a proposal with RFC and vote before rewriting the wiki (unless this was already done and I missed it). Thoughts?

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