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I noticed some time ago that there is some controversial documentation on the wiki regarding the mapping of footway=crossing+cycleway=crossing vs. path=crossing. Since I’m currently trying to collect all these loose ends and derive the really™ proper™ tagging for these paths, I noticed that the tag path=crossing is indeed not part of any proposal. It was simply added by the user Tomasz W in this changeset. While it adds a nice table with examples, it also postulates the use of path=crossing, whereas all other pages (plus the original proposal) contradict this by saying that one has to use both footway=crossing+cycleway=crossing.
So the page currently contradicts the approved proposal, which never even mentions path=* (but says "[…] a way connecting the sidewalks on the two sides of the road should be mapped […] footway=crossing. Additionally, if the crossing is also for bicycles, you should add cycleway=crossing"). The footway=sidewalk Wiki-page also lists path=sidewalk as a common mistake, which makes path=crossing even more controversial.

The path=crossing-Wiki-page also redirects to footway=crossing, but not so for the Polish Wiki-page for path=crossing which makes it look like this is/was mainly a Polish tagging-agreement.

Some statistics

tag usage
footway=crossing 2 392 647
cycleway=crossing 90 207
footway=crossing + cycleway=crossing 8 961
path=crossing 11 304

I tried to find at least some sort of discussion about the change, but to no avail. I sent that user a message via OSM and email - no reply after one week. Does anyone know anything about a discussion that I’m unable to find?

To make it clear: I’m not against the use of path=crossing as a shortcut to footway=crossing+cycleway=crossing, but it’s not even documented. It just appears in the examples for footway=crossing but it’s not explained there at all. Plus, if path=sidewalk is officially a tagging mistake, it should either be re-allowed for the sake of consistency, or path=crossing should be considered wrong tagging as well.

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