Wikidata tagging of populated places and bounded localities

About a month ago I fixed up a number of wiki problems flagged by Mateusz’s validator, including moving a number of Wikidata/Wikipedia tags from bounded localities to the place node of the populated place that the Wikipedia article was about.

I received a couple of changeset comments asking about these (1 2) and I responded with an explanation. In return I got told that the Wikidata items apply to the bounded locality. Turns out that somebody had linked to the Wikidata item to both the populated place and the bounded locality. Given that Wikidata is a hot mess of contradiction and confusion I wasn’t surprised. So, I created new Wikidata items for the two bounded localities (Q116038452 Q116039373), fixed the items for the two populated places, and added the new items to the admin boundaries. I thought that would settle the matter.

However, I then received a note asking if I was planning to do this for all of the admin boundaries, at which point I twigged to the fact that this is part of some sort of organised mapping activity to import these things into OSM.

Before I respond to the last message I want to find out what the communities views are on this. Am I overthinking this? Is there any problem with the bounded localities being linked to Wikipedia articles about the populated place with the same name rather than linking to the place node?

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