[will not be done] Proposed bot edit: remove pointless fixme tags asking to add surface info, on ways without surface info

We do not need for example fixme=surface or fixme=Needs surface= tag

If surface tag is missing then fixme adds nothing.

It gets even worse and unclear if someone added surface without noticing or looking at fixme=surface - then it turns from useless to highly confusing.

I propose to remove such fixme tags from roads which have neither surface nor tractype tags.

I reviewed and fixed sample of them, doing all manually is a pointless drudgery.

Or more specifically I propose to remove

  • fixme=surface
  • fixme=surface?
  • fixme=tracktype, surface
  • fixme=tracktype;surface
  • fixme=tracktype; surface
  • fixme=add tracktype or surface
  • fixme=add surface
  • fixme=tracktype/surface
  • fixme=surface=?
  • fixme=Surface?
  • fixme=Needs surface= tag
  • fixme=check surface
  • fixme=tracktype/surface
  • fixme=confirm surface
  • fixme=verify surface
  • fixme=Check surface
  • fixme=Surface?
  • fixme=surface=?
  • fixme=Survey surface
  • fixme=add surface tagging
  • fixme=Needs surface= tag
  • fixme=tracktype+surface
  • fixme=specify surface

and the same values of FIXME

from objects with one of

  • highway=motorway
  • highway=motorway_link
  • highway=trunk
  • highway=trunk_link
  • highway=primary
  • highway=primary_link
  • highway=secondary
  • highway=secondary_link
  • highway=tertiary
  • highway=tertiary_link
  • highway=unclassified
  • highway=residential
  • highway=living_street
  • highway=pedestrian
  • highway=service
  • highway=track
  • highway=road

and without surface tracktype tags.

1000+ objects in total, edit would be repeated in future if matching cases would appear again

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