"You have downloaded too much data" : impossible d'envoyer des contributions en classe


Aujourd’hui, en classe avec mes élèves, j’ai eu un message que je n’avais jamais eu :


En persistant, j’ai réussi à envoyer quelques contributions. Pourtant, nous n’avons pas téléchargé beaucoup d’informations, les élèves ont fait le guide iD et ont préparé leur premier contribution (1 seule modification à la fois).

Bien entendu, nous passons tous par la même adresse IP pour accéder à OSM puisque c’est un lycée.

Est-ce en lien avec la nouvelle politique de restriction des données des API ?

Merci pour votre expertise…

Ca vaudrait le coup de poser la question sur le forum international parce que je n’ai pas l’impression que les changeset à 1 edit soient concernés. Mais c’est vrai que le fait d’avoir une seule ip pourrait être bloquant.

j’ai ouvert pour voir You have downloaded too many data - Help and support - OpenStreetMap Community Forum

Sorry for replying in English, please feel free to reply to this post in French…

Download rate limits are in place at least since 8 years, probably longer, so that’s really no recent change. The only difference we have introduced in October 2023 is to let users know, how long they need to wait (« Please try again in … seconds »).

In 2016, a change has been implemented for your use case, where multiple users all share the same IP address. If your users all have different user names, and they have logged on to osm.org, they should not be impacted by download rate limiting. Is this the case here?

Thank you for your reply @mmd

I did the same session with my students on 22 November without any problems.
The class shares the same IP address but also the same OSM account to make it easier to keep track of contributions.

This is the first time I’ve had this message in 4 years.

Ok, so that means, that all of your students’ download activities count towards the same quota.

The quota considers how much data you download in a certain amount of time, and if some students are zooming out or moving/panning the map, it could happen that they start downloading a lot of data. Also, Lyon is a rather densly mapped area (probably even more so than 4 years ago), so it’s easy to dowload lots of data.

The solutions I see are:

  • use more than one IP address,
  • use different OSM user accounts,
  • try not to zoom out, pan the map too much, to avoid downloading lots of data,
  • have a bit more patience :slight_smile:

By the way, we also have special quotas for moderator users, but this would not apply in your case.

@vinber we have a problem!

Among the solutions, I can only think of one that might work but isn’t compatible with classroom work: have a bit more patience.

Frankly, I’m a bit disillusioned.

perhaps we must thinks to several account with same email blabla+compte1@ (i make this only one email and several accounts)

It’s not possible with our professionnal email :


Aujourd’hui, aucun problème alors que cela a été pas mal prolifique, bizarre :thinking: