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I work for the Yukon Government Transportation Branch as a GIS Program Manager. We use Geotab in our fleet vehicles to track vehicle speeds. From my understanding Geotab consumes OSM data to pull speed limits. Since there are no speed limit tags currently applied to the highways it is running on defaults based on highway types. This is causing mis-reporting of speeding in some areas.

To remedy this, we initially hoped to simple pull the OSM road data, apply the speed limits, and reupload (mechanical edit). However, after contacting the Data Working Group were informed of the issues associated with this. Also pointed out were concerns regarding licencing and accuracy.

Initial Edits:

I had personally done a couple minor edits in the past but to better familiarize myself with OSM editing I started looking into updating just the speed limits in Whitehorse.

According to this page: Default speed limits - OpenStreetMap Wiki it looks like the default for the Yukon is 50 km/h so I didn’t tag any street where that is true. I used the cities traffic By-law to identify streets where the speed limits is not 50 and then verified with streetview that traffic signs stated as such. (Streetview was recently recaptured for most of the city in Sept. ‘22, I disregarded any older imagery). If I couldn’t verify with street view or actually seeing the sign while out and about I made no edit.

Is this approach appropriate in terms of licencing (by-law data) and accuracy (sign location verification)?

If there is no problems with the approach taken so far I would like to move onto the highwyas.

Next Steps:

Back to the initial problem. The information I have to update the Highway speed limits is:

  • Internal government data showing what the speed limits should be
  • Speed sign locations collected by the inspection crews collected in May ‘21
  • Streetview Data for some highways collected in September ‘22

Would a similar approach as that taken to update Whitehorse work here? I use the internal data as a jumping off point. I verify initially with the sign inspections that a sign does exists and with the correct speed posted. When available, I compare against streetview.

Are there any concerns with this approach? Especially with the use of sign inspections when recent streetview is unavailable?

Any input is appreciated.

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