Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan - tagging problems

In Jordan, there is a refugee site/camp called " Zaatari" or " مخيم الزعتري" in arabian, see here for OSM view and here for wikipedia. There are a lot of undocumented tags used, that got included into OSM many years ago. There are nodes like this. The undocumented tags in use include GPS_accuracy_meters=*, LAT=*, LON=*, block=*, district=* and street=*. There are nearly 3000 objects using at least one of these tags. And there are probably more tags with potential problems.

The project of mapping this refugee site is more or less documented here. The problem with the low quality of the data got already meantioned here.

I already tried to reach out to several users involved (amckenna_REACH, REACH_zaatari, Unhcr-jordan). I also just posted a notice on this talk page. According to this thread, you @Jagoda could maybe help here. Unfortunatly a lot of the people who were involved seem to be inactive for years.

I would like to fix this area. As I do not want to guess solutions I am now reaching out to a broader audience here. Is there anyone who can help me with this clean up?

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