zone-Tag at bus stops in Aachen


first of all: sorry for writing in English.

In Aachen (Aken) we have several bus stops tagged with “zone=< four digit number >” (example: Node: ‪Vaals Grenze‬ (‪3446996479‬) | OpenStreetMap). I think that number indicates to which dutch public transport zone that stop belongs and was added by ZoneImport - OpenStreetMap Wiki. My questions are:

  • Are these numbers still valid?
  • And if so: Does the tag “zone” makes sense? Because it is mostly used for traffic or parking zones. For instance at stops (also) approached by a belgian bus line the tag “zone:TEC” (Node: ‪Elisenbrunnen‬ (‪418170257‬) | OpenStreetMap) is used to indicate the belgian public transport zone.


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