OSM Data Analysis Tool - Call for Web Developer

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OSM Data Analysis Tool - Call for Web Developer

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OSM Data Analysis Tool - Call for Web Developer a écrit : https://hotosm.org/job/osm_data_analysi ... loper/2016

Application deadline:
Friday, February 5, 2016
Place of work:
The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) is seeking an individual Senior Web Developer or firm to design and implement the OpenStreetMap Data Analysis Tool prototype. This is a short term two-month contract expected to start on February 15th, 2016, with total remuneration between $15,000-$18,000 USD depending on skills and experience. The deadline to submit applications is Friday, February 5th, 2016.

About HOT and the OSM Data Analysis Tool
HOT coordinates crowd-source mapping projects both online through the Tasking Manager and on the ground with local communities. The data produced is contributed directly to the OpenStreetMap (OSM) database and made available under an open license. Humanitarian organizations use the data created by HOT volunteers to coordinate and support disaster response operations. It is crucial for those users to understand the characteristics of such data to be able to use it efficiently and confidently. This includes an assessment of data coverage, change monitoring, and the identification of gaps and inconsistencies. Through generous support from the Knight Foundation, HOT has been awarded a grant to develop a prototype tool for OSM data analysis. The system will be made available online through an easy to use interface and will be built upon an open framework, allowing for integration with existing and future OSM data analysis tools.

The prototype will be built by implementing the following stack:
  • OSM QA Tiles as the input data in vector tile format
    TileReduce as the back-end scalable geoprocessing engine
    Node.js as the server side runtime environment
    Turf.js to provide a library and API for spatial data analysis
    OSM Lint, a suite of already existing validators to understand OSM data quality

The frontend user interface will be built using a modern Javascript Web framework of choice and will allow for creating guided queries and analysis of OSM data for a selected area of interest (AOI). Results will be dynamically visualized on a map as well as offered for download in graphical and geospatial data formats. Disaster response coordinators, journalists, analysts, and community members will be able to understand and analyse OSM data for a specific area and make better informed decisions.

Scope of Work
The prototype shall lay the foundations for an open and extensible framework to allow for future integration of further tools, tests, and functions. The scope of work for this 2-month contract will include the following tasks:
  • Review and discuss the technical stack options for the underlying framework with the HOT community and other interested project partners;
    Implement and deploy all proposed framework components on HOT’s infrastructure;
    Design and develop the Web interface and the following initial functions:
    • Guided query allowing the user to select a before and after date, returning map features that have been created in the specified time interval;
      A function that retrieves validation metadata from the Tasking Manager and provides a visual representation (e.g. green/red) of what map features have been validated by other mappers;
      A set of guided queries to count and display the number of map features (e.g. potential helicopter landing sites) in the AOI and provide an overlay of what areas have been mapped for the specific task (from the Tasking Manager).
    Compile developer and user documentation
    Participate in online weekly meetings with the rest of the project team.

This project is intended as a starting point for more extensive data quality assurance, and our community is likely to add further evaluation functions over time. All code will be released with an OSI approved license and made available publicly on Github. All intellectual property ownership will be shared between the developer and HOT.

Desired Qualifications
Some of the criteria that will be considered in reviewing applications will include:
  • exceptional skills with Javascript and modern Web frameworks
    propensity for agile development methods, rapid prototyping, and community interaction
    demonstrated knowledge of the proposed technical stack components
    a rich Github portfolio and strong passion for open source software
    experience in creating beautiful, effective and highly interactive user interfaces
    familiarity or contribution to other OSM data quality analysis tools and research
How to Apply
Submit your resume and one-page cover letter in PDF format to apply@hotosm.org with “OSM Data Analysis Tool Web Developer” in the subject of your email. The cover letter should include: a) a description of your individual or firm’s technical approach and timeline for this project, and b) links or examples of previous work that demonstrates your relevant skills. Applications must be received by February 5th, 2016. HOT will consider individual developer applications, as well as joint applications by teams or companies.


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